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“Your creativity workshop gave me the opportunity and the space for a day to let my dreams fly; but more than that, I came away with tangible evidence and next steps to take in order to bring me closer to fulfilling those dreams." - M.B.

Do your dreams stay on the back burner?

Has your creative spark gone out?

Are you feeling stuck?


The Ecstasy of Creativity

How to Simplify Your Life and Be Your Most Creative Self

The Joy and Excitement of Taking Risks

What Do You Want to Create Next in Your Life?

Centering Techniques for Living an Inspired Life

And in each Workshop... you will leave with a
Creative Plan of Action for the next 3 months!

Special Workshop for Facilitators:
A Workshop ‘within’ a workshop

The Ecstasy of Improvisation

Customized Workshops

We will pick several of the exercises from
Trusting the Moment: A Handbook
for Unlocking Your Creativity and Imagination

and I will facilitate them with your group.


Jeannie also gives keynotes.
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"I came away with developmental tools that I could use daily. They're simple and effective. I can now prioritize and act on my priorities and if that isn't creative freedom, I don't know what is!"
- M.G.

"Jeannie has the unusual ability to accentuate the positive and reinforce and encourage a group of people who might otherwise be inhibited."
- A.L.

Trusting the Moment
Unlocking Your Creativity
and Imagination

A Handbook for individual
and group work

by Jeannie Lindheim

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Trusting the Moment