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"Jeannie's views, insights, humor and sense of wonder remain a highlight for me." - workshop participant

How to Simplify Your Life and Be Your Most Creative Self

The clutter of everyday living can stifle the creative spark and sap our energy. Freeing this immense power is the key to freedom and expression in every area of your life.

In this experiential workshop you will learn:

  • Tools so you can travel lighter and be the most creative you possible
  • 8 ways to slow down so you have time to dream
  • Ideas on how to set priorities and ‘clear the decks’ so you are free to create
  • Techniques to empty your cup so your imagination can soar
  • Empowering techniques so you can visualize unlimited possibilities

And . . . you will leave with a Creative Plan of Action for the
next 3 months.

"When you withdraw all your energy from past and future, a tremendous explosion happens. That explosion is creativity."
- Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, guru and spiritual teacher

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"How to Simplify Your Life and Be Your Most Creative Self"

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