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Watercolor Paintings from the Artist's Personal Collection

Some of the watercolors in my personal collection are for sale. If you are interested in one, please email me here.

You can also see watercolors that have been donated to various non-profit organizations by clicking here. Please contact me if you know non-profit organizations who might be interested in my work. Click here to email me.

Jeannie paints commissions. If you would like me to paint a watercolor for you, please email me here.

Birdsong in Summer

Luminous Skies

Water Garden

Puffy Flowers in the Wind

Seven Flowers

Underwater Garden

Mountain Home

Graceful Dancer

Sparkling Day

Lovely Lady

Fancy Flowers

Golden Nature

Radiant Skies

Two Dancers

We Are One

Colorful Nature

Sweeping Winds

Click to see watercolors donated to non-profit organizations.

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