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The Ecstasy of Creativity

Do you want to feel more creative in your life? Why do fear and creativity sometimes walk hand in hand? How can we fly over blocks that get in our way? Jeannie will share some inspiring creative tools you can use in your life. In this keynote, you’ll learn:

  • 10 things you can do right now to make you life even more creative
  • The one word that will open up all of your creative doors
  • How to get rid of the judges who can stop your creative juices

The Art of Group Leadership

Based on Jeannie’s book
Trusting the Moment:
Unlocking Your Creativity and Imagination

You will get ideas on how to:

  • Excite your group so everyone participates
  • Handle challenges with group members
  • Create a safe environment where people can take risks
  • Think on the spot if an exercise isn’t working
  • Set up an improvisation so it flows and is exciting
  • Create suspense in an improvisation


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